Thank you for sending a cover in for the Eurofan Home Concerts! Please fill out the form below and stay tuned to my Twitter for details on when the concert will premiere! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

Here’s a quick reminder of the rules of this edition:

  • Re-record a message to accompany a re-run of a past entry or record something new from the ESC family of contests!
  • Perform the song however you like! Acapella, karaoke, playing your own instruments, recreating a music video, interpretative dance as long as you can be heard over the music if you decide to sing.
  • Please try to keep your video to 4 minutes or less (though don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and say a few words about why you picked your song if you want to).
  • Have fun! The crazier the creative concept, the better.