Minutes before sitting down to write yesterday’s newsletter, I noticed an Instagram story from a friend of mine where she essentially put herself down for not accomplishing as much as other people. 

I feel the same way in a lot of respects. Looking back at the goals I wrote for myself last year, I see that I didn’t exactly accomplish everything I set out to do this year (especially in terms of my Goodreads reading challenge). 

At the same time though, I can hold my head up knowing that I’ve done things that I hadn’t done before this year began (more on that coming in my year-end review in a few days). 

Progress is a race you’re the only one running in. We all have our own individual race and every stride we make towards our goals is a positive one that should be celebrated.

Keep pushing forward.


I promised that I would give my impressions on Frozen 2 yesterday, and well, it’s a really good sequel to the first one. I especially appreciated how it builds on the lore of the original to spur off and move beyond the scope of the first story. Into the Unknown is also a bop and everyone knows it. 

Let me recommend some stuff to you:

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Tweet of the day: If you didn’t know, I’m a native Seattlite and a proud Seahawks fan. Needless to say, I adore this hype video from the one and only @CableThanos_. Oh, and the rest of the NFL doesn’t know what they have coming.

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