It’s been roughly five and a half months since I’ve updated this blog with a look on everything that’s happening with me and with Andijack Productions. A lot has changed and this post is going to be a look at what’s happened since the ball dropped on January 1.

Wallpaper sets

It’s no secret that I take a lot of photos. With that fact in mind, I figured why not give you the option to use my photos as wallpapers on all of your devices. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be retroactively posting photos from the first four months of the year. Starting on June 1, the previous month’s photos will be posted via a Google Drive link to Patrons on the Grande tier. 

Patreon tier changes

My Patreon campaign has a slight facelift to it with my tiers being rebranded slightly to be more in line with Starbucks’ sizing along with a few updated benefits. Below is the updated tier breakdown:

Note: Changes are listed in bold.

Tall (Formerly the Short tier)  $2 or more/month Grande (Formerly the Tall tier) $5 or more/month  Venti (Formerly the Grande tier) $10 or more/month
– Early access to content when available

Access to behind the scenes materials for select videos, including scripts for scripted content (For Your Consideration, Question Mark, Vision Zero Diaries, etc.)

– My appreciation
– Tall tier benefits

– Access to a release calendar for Soundcloud and YouTube content

– Your name listed as a Patreon producer at the end of videos,, mix descriptions

Exclusive ad-free downloads for Heavy Rotation & Discography

Monthly wallpaper sets
-Grande tier rewards

– Access to an exclusive Discord server where you’ll have direct include over the channel’s direction

– Your name/link listed as a Patreon Superproducer on YouTube, Anchor, Soundcloud,

New shows

The summer season means two things for me: a lot more time to create videos and significantly fewer opportunities to shoot the travel vlogs that form the backbone of my channel. To fill in these gaps, I’m launching several new shows across the Andrew Okwuosah YouTube channel, Andijack Music, and Miraculous Can Unite to keep content flowing all summer long. 


Discography is an Andijack Music original series that aims to expand on Heavy Rotation’s Supershow format by providing deep dives into an artist’s catalog. Video game remix veteran bLiNd will be the first artist spotlighted on the show with episodes premiering every Thursday at 9pm ET/PT starting on May 23 live on the Andijack Music YouTube channel with episodes coming to podcast clients around the world and ad-free to Patrons in the Grande tier on Saturdays starting on May 25. 

The Vision Zero Diaries

Earlier this year, I teased The Vision Zero Diaries to chronicle how cities are tackling the challenge of bringing the number of roadway deaths to zero. As I saw in the For Your Consideration episode on New York City’s Vision Zero efforts, there are a lot of jurisdictions taking the pledge and a lot of unique solutions to this problem. Producing that episode sparked the curiosity to keep digging into what different jurisdictions are doing and brining them to the limelight. I’m excited to announce that the show is coming to fruition later this summer. 

Question Mark

Question Mark flips the concept of for your consideration on its head by turning the conversation around to you: if you’re curious about something, I’ll do the digging and hopefully find a satisfying answer. The show launched last Friday with an explainer on the Eurovision Song Contest and episodes will continue to post on Fridays throughout the summer.

Live event reactions

I will be continuing to do live reaction videos to new Miraculous Ladybug episodes as they air on the Miraculous Can Unite YouTube channel.

In Brief

In Brief will fill the hole left by the live event reactions with well, briefer, videos on the key takeaways from a given event in the hours and days after it happens. Here’s hoping the copyright gods take kindly to this idea.

Fast Five

Reading has always been extremely important to me, and the lessons that can be gleaned from books can unlock some of the most effective solutions for living a better life and solving problems that you might come across. Fast Five aims to distill some of my most impactful reads into five key points. This was originally going to be another YouTube series, but seeing as how this blog is extremely lacking in the content department, I figured that it would be a perfect way to breathe some life into this here domain. 

Refined posting schedule

There have been a few adjustments in my posting schedule over the last couple of weeks that I’ve made in an attempt to make content on a more consistent basis.

  • Instagram will see a new photo every day at noon ET, with two photos posted on weekends with a later post around 7pm ET. 
  • Produced YouTube videos will go live on Wednesdays and Fridays (preferably at 9am ET).
  • Heavy Rotation will record live on the Andijack Music YouTube channel Sundays at 4pm and post to Anchor and other podcast services along with ad-free on Patreon on Tuesdays.
  • Fast Five will post as I read books.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope to see you around the Interwebs soon.