I just dropped a new mix dedicated to the one and only SkittlesBeats on SoundCloud and Mixcloud. Please be sure to check the mix out on Mixcloud and follow to be the first to hear my new mix series Heavy Rotation, launching this Saturday!


Art by Alix Lytton: http://twitter.com/alixesque
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00:00: Dj CUTMAN – Let’s Jam Some Wind!
2:10: Dj CUTMAN – Chao Garden (ft. Breakbeat Heartbeat)
4:55: Grimecraft – POKEHAT
8:38: CG5- Inkoming (Splatoon 2)
12:04: Nokae- Stairfax
14:30: Owl City- Fireflies (Dj CUTMAN Remix)
17:29: SkittlesBeats- LILLIPUP!
19:19 Mykah- Long Live Splatfest!
22:35 Party Members- Everytime We Splat