Music is the soundtrack to our lives, and the deluge of content that finds its way on streaming platforms is often overwhelming to sift through. This is where I come in to support the musicians that provide me with the soundtrack to my life and hopefully introduce people to new artists they need to have their eyes and ears on.

Andijack Music curates the music you need to know about in three ways: Heavy Rotation, Probe, and Discography. All of which are available wherever you play podcasts and in the player below:


A deep dive into new releases

Probe is the newest show from Andijack Music but the goal here is to complement the showcase of Heavy Rotation. Probe digs deeper into releases to give a complete look at new albums as they release. Episodes publish as albums are released.

Heavy Rotation

The weekly celebration of music that brings us together records live every Sunday on YouTube, and releases to the general public soon afterwards on Soundcloud and everywhere you listen to podcasts. Listen to the full Heavy Rotation backlog below.

Stream every track played in the official Heavy Rotation playlist, updated every week.

Get featured…

To submit a track or a DJ mix for consideration to be featured on Heavy Rotation, fill out the following form: