This is Heavy Rotation, a weekly celebration of the music that brings us together. On this week’s show, we mark the final episode of our mini series from the This Week in Chiptune Episode 200 mega chiptune bundle with Floor Baba’s Neon Death & Shirobon’s Reject EPs. Fear not though, because we have a ton of chiptunes in our future. Buckle up and enjoy!

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00:00: Floor Baba- Explosion
04:15: Floor Baba- When It Comes To Math I’m A Minus (ft. M Danks & Loquo)
07:20: Matroda- Boom Bap
08:50: Floor Baba- Hip to the Game (ft. Dtown)
11:15: Shirobon- Granite
12:59: Soulji- Black Mask
15:20: Floor Baba- Turn It Up
18:30: Floor Baba- Skyway
21:00: amphee- make eggs, throw eggs
23:35: Slander- Happy Now
26:30: Shirobon- Swing N Shift
28:38: Shirobon- Cloud Chaser
31:00: Shirobon- GRG
33:00: Vicetone- Way Back (ft. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)
35:14: Floor Baba- Bitter Roots
38:13: Floor Baba- Desert Waters
40:55: Dirty Audio- Racks
43:12: Vector Moon- Colossus
45:10: Floor Baba- Bold & Brash
48:25: Floor Baba- Implosion
53:32: Floor Baba- Fake Online
57:47: Shirobon- Sleez (Bonus FM)
59:54: Jeevs- Anesthesia
1:02:20: Floor Baba- Wreck Myself
1:04:50: Floor Baba- Neon Death
1:09:57: Floor Baba- Within (ft. Samuel Austin)
1:12:40: Floor Baba- Spider Thoughts
1:15:18: Floor Baba- Void