It’s time to own who I am: a journalist, a YouTuber, a photographer, a graphic designer, a DJ, a creator. For those who know me personally, you might have noticed my hesitance to call myself any of those things as late as literally yesterday. Why? I honestly have no idea.

Creating is in my blood, and hiding it only made me less of myself and my self-confidence and overall mental health suffered as a result. Through it all though, I’m never as happy when I’m not creating. It may mean that I’m not chasing romance or money or things, no I’m after something bigger than all of that. World domination? Success? Those might be byproducts but the way I see it, I want happiness and fulfillment more than anything. I want to get to a place where I can spend every waking moment making things and owning the fact that I make things. That’s all. It’s a journey, and I’m really grateful to you for being here for it especially if you somehow made it through this long rambling mess of words.

Download the wallpaper (1920×1080) here.