One of the main reasons that I had for rebooting this website is to feature some of my opinions that can’t exactly be expressed in 140 characters. Thus, Awesomeness was born.

Ok, with that out of the way, I have a confession to make. Miraculous Ladybug is ruining my life. Now, that’s saying nothing bad about the show, because it’s literally been all I’ve been able to think about for over two weeks.

In case you need a primer on the awesomeness of Miraculous Ladybug, here’s a quick look of the show in two minutes.

Anyways, if that doesn’t peak your  interest nothing will. Here in the United States, Miraculous airs Sundays at 12 PM ET/ PT, but check with your individual regional network for your local airtime.

Let’s just say that Miraculous has become much-watch TV in mybook.