College is on my horizon, and with that comes the end of a chapter of my life, both personally and for Andijack Productions. This blog post aims to explain some of what this new chapter means, and what you can expect from it. 

Watch a rambly video version of this blog post: 


Basically, the TLDR version is that I’m casting a wider net for distributing the shows you’ve come to know and love from the Andijack Productions brand. Most of these changes were inspired by advice I’ve heard from fellow creators Roberto Blake and Jon Prosser, who proclaimed that variety channels are dead in an episode of Jon’s Creator Mindset Podcast (a must-listen if you’re a creator of any size). Anyways, I’ve found that having a relatively unfocused catch-all YouTube channel with all of my eggs in one basket isn’t exactly a good idea for strategizing the business and optimizing each platform for growth. 

So we’re breaking the band apart.

Effectively immediately, here’s the new content strategy for Andijack Productions:


YouTube is my flagship video platform, and I’m really excited in the shows that I am keeping there as it represents some of my best work that really showcases my voice and perspectives on the world. Videos will go live on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (if not this week then next week for sure). 

Generally, this is where my vlog-style content (On the Road and The College Experience) are going to live along with commentary that allows me to showcase my voice like you see on for your consideration.



I’ve had a Twitch account for a long time, and it’s time that it gets the T-L-C it deserves. The livestreams of Heavy Rotation have moved exclusive to Twitch, and I’m going to try my hardest to go live with the taping of that show on Tuesdays. 

I’ll also be moving my gaming content to Twitch, and will eventually be launching a 24-7 live stream that features replays of Heavy Rotation as well as gaming content from shows like Trial Run.


Never fear, Heavy Rotation is staying on Soundcloud and podcast services around the globe. New episodes will be released on Saturdays. Experimental themed mixes will continue to live on there with Odyssey every so often, and I’m also pleased to announce a new show called The Shuffle that I’ll launch on Wednesdays. 

The Shuffle will be a 15-30 minute snippet of Heavy Rotation that aims to keep the flow going and air as many tracks as humanly possible. I’m really excited to launch it and I hope it’s an easier entry point to my mixing work as Heavy Rotation continues to balloon into a larger mammoth of a show each week.

Personal Blog

It’s only fitting that I talk about this site that you’re reading this post on. I haven’t given it nearly enough attention in recent months, but I’m going to try and change that soon. Every Sunday, I want to write a piece that either updates you on something I’m doing with Andijack Productions or talks about an insight I learned during the week.


I have officially set up a Teespring storefront, where I plan to launch new product lines once every three months. 


Patrons will continue to get early access to content, along with new perks like exclusive downloads of photos that are posted on my Instagram and beta access to new shows that are in development.

That’s it! I can’t wait to begin this new content strategy and produce more quality content for all of you.