If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram story, you may have seen that I spent part of my Friday and Saturday at the Center for Civil and Human Rights here in downtown Atlanta. I was completing an assignment for my American Government class which required me to answer whether the suffering endured by Dr. King and others was worth it. Below is my answer to that question:

I think that the suffering and sacrifice Dr. King and others fought for was worth it because ultimately we are a lot closer to the vision of social and economic equality among all groups of people now than we were 55 years ago. We live in a world where more opportunities exist for minority communities than ever before like being able to attend institutions such as Georgia State and make connections that ultimately could help us land that big job/internship or meet the client that takes a startup from idea to fledgling company. There is certainly work that still needs to be done towards reconciling prejudices that exist between racial groups including those held by some African-Americans towards Caucasians, but I think Dr. King would look upon how far we’ve come as a society and be proud of how we have progressed towards the vision of all peoples being able to hold hands on the mountain top.