Tuesday, December 31, 2019 8:45pm – Atlanta

This is a special edition of Reflections reflecting on the year that was 2019. 

I end this year in a much better place mentally than I was starting it with a newfound appreciation for the many friends I have and the experiences they’ve caused me to have over the last year.  None of the anxieties I deal with have gone away, I’ve just learned how to be more vulnerable and express when I feel them.

Now, let’s talk about my content. On YouTube, I’ve been slacking honestly. Videos take a lot more post production than a lot of the other content I produce especially when I’m juggling school and navigating the creative blocks that come with them. That inevitably leads to a stockpile of videos sitting on my hard drive waiting to be edited and released. Well, those will begin to be released in 2020 starting with vlogs from my September Disney trip next week.

I’m so so proud of Andijack Music this year. Heavy Rotation spun off to form two additional shows: Probe and Discography, both of which supplement Heavy Rotation to better showcase the music that soundtracks our lives. The shows also moved over to a gracious new home at Anchor, which helps to get the shows out to nearly a dozen platforms around the world. 

And then there’s this newsletter. Reflections might only be a couple weeks old but it’s an important part of my future heading into 2020 as the commentary pieces that I was making as For Your Consideration, The Vision Zero Diaries, and just my Twitter feed move to a written format here in Reflections and on andrewokwuosah.com

Miraculous Can Unite is still kicking extremely strongly and ends the year with over a hundred subscribers to its name and nearly 10,000 Twitter followers and friends that I’m so glad to have to fan out over the show with alongside Abby, Duncan, Serena, Alex, and Katie. 

Under the hood, I did in fact make the jump to an entirely 4K recording setup between Santa Lucia and my several month old Sony a6400. That Sony camera sparked my biggest ever year on Instagram with over 600 posts (and that’s just the ones I ended up posting) from destinations around the world from Atlanta to Hampton Roads to Lagos and Huntsville. I already have a few trips lined up for 2020 so I’m really excited to see what opportunities they create.

To wrap things up, I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who I’ve had a conversation, snapped a photo with, done something extremely stupid, or otherwise lived life with you this year, I’m extremely grateful to do life with you. 2020 is going to be an amazing year and I can’t wait to get started. Tomorrow’s Reflections will be me dishing out my goals for the next 365 days and we’ll settle back into our usual format on Thursday.